Subject Re: Encrypting stored procedures
Author rodbracher
This sounds like what I need but how do I do that?

If I view my stored proc source via IBConsole - this is what I want
to remove but of course leaving the compiled code intact.

What must I do ?

Thanks - Rod

--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer"
<ts@i...> wrote:
> Hi Rod,
> > Can you encrypt stored procedures ?
> You mean the stored procedure's source (DDL)?
> Not via the engine, but if you want to hide the source
> from third-party eyes, then for example you can delete
> the source or whatever you want to do with it, because
> PSQL code modules are compiled into an internal language
> called "BLR", and for executing the PSQL code module the
> compiled version is taken.
> Though, be sure that you have the source in a safe place,
> just for the case that you want to recompile the SP at
> a later point.
> Best Regards,
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