Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fw: Firebird Embedded Win 98
Author Horacio Jamilis
The problem is that Firebird Embedded needs 1 dll from Windows.
I copied that dlls with firebird embedded to a Win98 pc and that worked for
the dlls is:
and I am not sure you could need msvcrt.dll also.


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I have created a Installation software with Install Shield Express to
install my applications. Then I sent the application to my customer, and he
installed the software on Win ME, It is working fine. He also installed the
software on Win 98, not Second Edition, My application did not showed the
firebird message, but it could not connect to the database file, error
connecting to the database. Then I installed the Interbase 6.0 client and
server, then my application worked fine, conclusion: the database file was
ok. Accordind to firebird readme file I have renamed the dll file to
gds32.dll, it is installed in my application root directory, firebird.msg
and conf are also installed in the same directory. I am asking about WIn 98
because it is the only difference between the computers, one is WinMe.