Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Beginner
Author Alan McDonald
> I am an experienced dBASE programmer who is getting a late start to C/S.
> I have installed Interbase open source but I have since come to the
> conclusion that it is pretty much a dead end.
> I have now installed Firebird 1.5 but I'm not sure that its even
> working. (or I at least don't know how to get started.)
> Is there any experienced hands here thats willing to help a beginner get
> started? Or would you just rather I went away quietly?
> Thank You
> Bud F

Don't go away quietly - but do do some initial reading - it's well worth it
in the end. Your questions will be more focused. At the moment there are far
too many possibilities to make a good answer to your next problem