Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBPhoenix ODBC drivers not working with iOBDC under Linux
Author unordained
No, this isn't a useful reply.

I'm just curious, because we're thinking of moving (for future projects) from Builder 5 to
wxWindows -- cross-platform is good:

Are you using iODBC because of interfaces with various databases simultaneously, or for some reason
more intrinsic to wxWindows -- like data-aware components, etc. What about other firebird APIs: are
they just not appropriate for what you're doing at the moment, or a problem using them in wxWindows
somehow? (ibpp, etc.) And ... do we expect Borland to port IBX to make it usable inside of
wxWindows as part of their Builder X product line? (I realize that IBX, though it works for now,
isn't likely to continue working with firebird in the future ...)

Which reminds me -- the changes that make varchar fields -not- send the maximum number of
characters every time (across the line) -- is that a change that requires an updated API, or just a
new version of firebird/interbase? And what about the 64k-per-row-returned limit -- is that going
(gone?) away?


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> > Isn't iOBDC deprecated?
> In contrast: iODBC is very vital. Furthermore it is used by wxWindows (,
> which is a very good cross-platform C++ development class library (GPL'ed, which is also
> used by the new C++ Builder X). This is the reason I need the IBPhoenix ODBC drivers to
> work with iODBC.
> Any helpful hints?
> Regards
> Thorsten Radde
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