Subject Re: [firebird-support] Wrong Language
Author Sergio Lenzi
> Well, sure. But it looked like someone wasn't happy because someone else
> used a language other than English. I thought it would be sad if someone
> couldn't express himself in his native language if he needed to, even if
> it cut down his chances of someone responding.

I think that it all started by me, because I, by mistake, answer a question in
the portuguese/Brazilian list... using the yahoo address....

and ... of course, portuguese is not a common language, only 7 countries speak
it... But I realize the mistake 10 seconds after pushing the mouse button..
too late...

No I gave up the Brazilian list, because here the persons are more wiser, more
educated, and really knows what they are saying/suggesting...

The tips they gave me, for sure wide my horizon on using firebird...

Now I have another problem with that application program... Remember??? the
one that produces wrong messages... Now the message is clear and deals with
the right problem...

The problem rises when someone produces an sql that asks for:

select sum(ta.c1), ta.c2, sum(tb.c1) from ta, tb;
and forget to put group by...

The curiosity is that it works in interbase6... and firebird 1.0x but not
on firebird 1.5.rc7...

One more question.....

Choosing another dialect would help??? if so, what dialect??? 1,2,3???

Thanks for the help,