Subject Re: [firebird-support] unpredictable behavior after changing field size
Author James

Martin Dew wrote:

>How big is the database if you back it up. What version of IB/FB are you
>using ?
>I expect there is something going on in a trigger etc.. Try taking a
>copy of all triggers from that table, then remove them from that table,
>and then retry the insert statement and see what that does... Atleast
>that will eliminate a trigger problem if the table has no triggers on
Thanks Martin I will a give.

Martjin. Iam using IB Expert ... Personnal edition, cause it's free. I
don't feel comfortable using EMS IBManager. About IB Workbench ... I
haven't try it yet, but even if it is good, I can't afford it. Iam
living in a third world country where our lifestyle is kinda very low.
Unless you provide me a special offer :-)