Subject RE: [firebird-support] unpredictable behavior after changing field size
Author Martin Dew
In ANY of your triggers attached to this table do you fire a stored
procedure ? If so does that stored proc have a variable that is still
char(2) ?

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] unpredictable behavior after changing
field size

Martijn Tonies wrote:

>>here is the metadata ...
>>CREATE TABLE "counterpayments" (
>> "Key" INTEGER,
>> "Paydate" DATE,
>> "Type" CHAR(3),
>> "Mode" CHAR(3),
>> "Amount" NUMERIC(15,2),
>> "Bank" VARCHAR(10),
>> "CheckNo" VARCHAR(20),
>> "CheckDate" DATE,
>>I have no trigger that is related to the type field of this table
>Change your database tool settings to avoid those nasty delimited
>identifiers. You are making things harder on yourself.
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>Martijn Tonies
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>SQL Server.
>Upscene Productions
Hi guys. Any idea?

Master does tools have anything to do with my problem?


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