Subject Re: Newbie Question: A GUID data type
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Stevem

--- In, Steve_Miller@s... wrote:
> I just sent off a proposal to my colleagues that might work for us.
> Because we will be working with exotic scripts and alphabets, we use
> Unicode data types, which in SQL Server is NVARCHAR(x) and NTEXT. In
> FireBird, these data types become VARCHAR(x) CHARACTER SET
> BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT, respectively.

Please be aware of some UNICODE_FSS limitations:
- no checking for illegal or non-shortest form
- it's effectively CESU-8, not UTF-8
- field length limit isn't correctly enforced
(you can store 12 ASCII chars in CHAR (3) CHARACTER SET

But I assume your app has plenty of charset clevernerss
built in and doesn't rely on the DBMS for this.

Peter Jacobi