Subject Re: [firebird-support] Event on FB
Author omar l m rosa

I had trouble using event thru firewall!
The client open a new connection to manage events, using the first port
available in listen mode.
The server, when registering this event, try to connect to this port on
client machine.
If a firewall drop this connection, the server hungs. Still waiting client
response eternaly....
The client interbase log register the timeout error.
This happens in FB too.
I heard notice that this problem had fixed in 1.5 version of FB.


Omar L. M. Rosa
Diretor de Informática - Prismatec - RS

51 9189 6223 -- 51 3388 1523

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Event on FB

> The event processing in FB is the following: there are events that are
> fired by different actions happened to the database. The event itself is
> fired by the POST_EVENT 'EVENT_NAME' statement. So answering your
> question, the event's name is described in the string parameter
> following the statement. The event objects don't need any declaration.
> On the client side an application must register its interest in a
> specified event. The FB event manager maintains a list of applications
> that are interested in events and when the event specified by the
> application is fired the event manager send an alert to the application.
> Regards: Alex
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