Subject RE: [firebird-support] Simple Table cloning?
Author Alan McDonald
> Is there an easy way to clone a table structure in Firebird 1.5?
> One way it could be done is to read the required information in the
> RDB$... tables and create a new script to run with EXECUTE
> STATEMENT, but it seems fairly there another way?
> thanks
> Mark

Is this to do via te client application? If so, then I suspect you are
trying to make a temporary table? If so, then I think many people would
advise that there are design alternatives which are better than trying to do
this (e.g. metadata changes while connected do not become apparent to
existing connections until they reconnect).

If this is not the case then the easiest way is to use your admin tool e.g.
IBExpert which provides on one tab of the table, the metadata. You copy it
and run it in the SqlEditor with a different table name.