Subject Re: Firebird and OpenOffice
Author Andrew
Hi Martijn. Can you confirm that you actually have this working
with your OpenOffice installation?

I had tried that too, and get a '[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]
Invalid cursor state' error (using recent snapshot of IBPhoenix
firebird/interbase ODBC driver). Mind you, it *does* enter the
record into the table (that is FB faithfully doing what it is told),
but I can't avoid OO reporting an error with each insert.

--- In, "Martijn Tonies"
<m.tonies@u...> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Has anyone figured out how to get generators working with
> > so that you can use the data pilot as a frontend? OO throws an
> > error when you don't explicitly enter a value for a generated
> > integer primary key -- which is to be expected.
> >
> > Lack of support for Firebird's generators is the only problem
> > found with using OO, Firebird, and ODBC.
> Change your trigger to:
> IF ( (NEW.idcolumn IS NULL) or (NEW.idcolumn = 0 )
> THEN NEW.idcolumn = GEN_ID...
> And enter "0".
> With regards,
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