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Author Richard Pendered
What you should do is to get the next generator value first (select gen_d(
generator,1 ) from rdb$database), then use that in your insert statement. If
you have made use of the extra checks by Alex Taylor, it shoudl work as
Be aware that calls to gen_id are not under transaction control, and are
therefore safe to use like this as you will not get duplicates (assumung you
use a step of more than 0).

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> Thank you for your explanation. I did it.
> Now how can I get this auto generated vaule when I insert records? I
have an
> example for mssql server which uses @@IDENTITY for returning this value.
> Does it work for firebird?
> Should I start a new message thread for this?

I think Gen_id function can do this job.

Syntax is : gen_id ( generator, step)

If you set argument "step" to 1, the function increment the generator
by 1 and returns the value of the generator.

If you set argument "step" to 0, the function returns the value of the
generator without increment or decrement.

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