Subject Re: Changing column from not null to null
Author c_pradelli

Changing directly the system tables is not the proper way to work,
this is a misfunction of IBExpert, I don't use IBExpert because it
usually touch the system tables and this is not safe.There are other
tools, IBAdmin for example have an option to do it in the proper way,
using standard SQL commands.

> I've this problem of changing a not null column to null can only be
> recognise for new connection ( For super server, only after
restart ).
> Upon further investigation, it seems like this not null to null
> update can only be done through direct update to system table ( I'm
> using IBExpert to perform this ) and system table is cache by the
> server. For super server, the problem is even more worse as system
> table cache won't be refresh until the server is restarted.
> So, is there any way to ask the server to refresh the system table
> cache so that this kind of changes would be recognised immediately
> I'm using SuperServer now :( ) ?
> thanks.
> Regards,
> Low