Subject Re: Yaffil and Firebird merge
Author Svein Erling
Yaffil is another database based on InterBase 6, which have
implemented a few things in a similar way as Firebird, and some things
in a different way. The reason you have not heard of Yaffil before, is
that it was developed commercially for the Russian market. So, like
most of us are used to InterBase vs Firebird, Russians are used to
InterBase vs Yaffil vs Firebird.

From what I've heard, there are some good features of Yaffil that are
not in Firebird (and vice versa), e.g. I think Yaffil uses an index
only once in statements involving ORed values. Merging the two should
result in a better database if done properly. Though I'd be surprised
if the coders of Firebird/Yaffil already knew their counterpart well
enough to be able to tell the impact of this move, and telling when to
implement which feature would probably involve quite a lot of
guesswork for them.


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