Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to start the server via API?
Author Milan Babuskov
Olivier Mascia wrote:
> If you are only running on NT-kind OSes (not Win95/98/Me) and you
> install and run Firebird as a Service, one way is to use the Windows
> Services API. Microsoft SDK will give you all the detail info and for
> an easy quick start, you might want to look at the code if the
> instsvc.exe utility (which you will find in the src/utilities in files
> install_svc.cpp and services.cpp). That will give you a starter on how
> to use these MS service APIs. That's easy.
> If you're using Win9x or Linux, some other techniques should be
> investigated.

On Win9x, you can check by pressing ctrl+alt+del and see if you have
ibserver process. Or run netstat -a and see if anything listens to the
3050/tcp port.

On Linux, it depends on distro. If you run Super Server, you can try:
/etc/init.d/firebird start

For Classic, it's possible that nothing is running, but you need to have
xinetd running and listening to port 3050 (or whatever you configured).

Best write us which version of Firebird and what OS are you using.

Milan Babuskov