Subject Embeded Server question
Author Johannes Pretorius
Good day
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have been wondering about this for a
while. But really didn't have time yet to start
testing the theory on this.

With the Embeded server you can distribute the GDB database with the app,
but I have read that the file system
can be a problem, thus a transportable backup is rather recommended and a
restore on the new file system.

Now in the Embeded scenario, can one make a restore of the database, as
there is no gbak.exe file with the distribution set ?

Further I would like to make my app that does use Embeded server to have
nightly or weekly backup's of the database. Now we
normaly did this with the NT scheduler. What is the recommened solution for
this ? Possible component control ?

I hope what I am thinking makes sense

Thanks for reading and any replies

Johannes Pretorius


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