Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.0 vs 1.5
Author Daniel Rail

At December 1, 2003, 16:50, matthew_2112 wrote:

> We are contemplating upgrading from 1.0 to 1.5

Nice move.

> We have a large client base and have been very happy with the
> reliability of 1.0. The reason for considering the upgrade is
> compatibility issues with running 1.0 alongside Interbase 6 which
> we've just become aware of.

> I would like to be assured that 1.5 won't start throwing up support
> issues for us compared to 1.0 which essentially doesn't (but might
> due Interbase issue).

> Anyone with relevant experience care to share their thoughts?

FB 1.5 is even more stable than FB 1.0. FB 1.5 is faster the FB 1.0.
And, I have multiple customers that found the difference in
performance between FB 1.0 vs FB 1.5 substantially better. Also, I
have a customer that found FB 1.5 RC7 faster than RC6.

And, no problem issues have been reported.

But, be careful when installing FB 1.5 over FB 1.0. Uninstall FB 1.0
before installing FB 1.5, because the service name has changed.

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