Subject Re: Yaffil Merges Source Code with Firebird
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Jonathan Neve <jonathan@m...>
> Sounds good!
> But what new features did Yaffil add to FireBird anyway?

Jonathan, AFAIU to give exact answer this subject should be
discussed firstly by joined developers team. More than a year products
went in parallel, wasting efforts to differently implement close
features. Some of them are more efficiently implemented in Firebird,
some in Yaffil. Join promises not only new features but increase of
effectiveness of existing ones. Perhaps some of Yaffil features are
incompatible with Firebird, I can't estimate, I'm not code developer.
But I can suppose this is possible. Anyway, join is not mechanical
merge, it is real work and mutual investigation is first step on this
way. I can only count Yaffil features on which personally I lick my
lips in anticipation:

-indices on expressions
-usage of one index instance for all entries in IN (...) and OR which
dramatically increase speed of such a queries execution
-controlled scale reduction in expressions with numerics in 3 dialect
-check of size of concatenation on real operand-strings size, not
their types

Best regards,