Subject ODBC Driver
Author quinton_marks

I am using Firebird as My DB for Data on my Websites. I am using ASP
to return the Data to the Website.
I was using the Standard INTERSOLVE ODBC Driver, but It didnt support
DateTime Fields, but My blobs (Sub_Type 1) were returned correctly.
I changed to the XTG ODBC Driver (version 1.0.0 beta 15) Now My Text
Blobs get returned as Question Marks and other junk info, but the
Date and Time Problem is solved.
Is there an ODBC Driver out there that would be able to Return both
Blob and DateTime Data correctly?
Has anyone else had this problem with these drivers? Maybe Im doing
something wrong, Is there something I can put int he connection
String to fix this maybe? Otherwise what ODBC Driver can I use?

Thank You