Subject Re: How to use ZeBeDee with IBExpress on Firebird
Author Dixon Epperson
Thanks Artur,
let me clarify for my situation.

Using IBExpress component

//start ZeBeDee, where xxx represents the public IP address of
// the tunnel
WinExec("zebedee 3051:, 0);
// configure property on TIBDatabase
IBDatabase.databasename := localhost/3051:tablealias

//then connect
IBDatabase.connected := true;

// then I should be able to test the connection with
b := IBDatabase.TestConnected;
// and 'b' should be true

Is this the way it should be done
Dixon Epperson

--- In, "Artur Anjos" <artur@a...>
> Dixon,
> Thje sintax is:
> ServerName/PortNumber:AliasOrPathToDataBase
> With ZeBeDee is exactly the same.
> Artur