Subject Re: How to use ZeBeDee with IBExpress on Firebird
Author Dixon Epperson
> You should seriously consider moving away from the TIBxxx
components of
> Delphi if you plan to keep using Firebird. They are quickly becoming
> incompatible and you won't be able to get much help to work out your
> problems. The TIBxxx components have no concept of using a
different port at
> this time and it is doubtful that they ever will, AFAIK. You are

I looked at FIBPlus, I had heard it was suppoed to be faster than
IBO. But the connection time seemed slower.

I spin my own sql, the only components I use are
TIBDatabase, TIBTransaction, TIBSQL, TIBStoredProc and TIBEvent.

Up to this point, I've never run into anything I couldn't do with
IBExpress. And I'm on the tail end of a huge project.

My real concern though ( and the one that ultimately made me stop
with FIBPlus was the integration with RAVE reports. Thats the
heartburn I really don't want to face right now) So if there is
anyway through this, I need to get it done without.

I do appreciate your comments about the divergence. Thanks