Subject Re: Performance Degrade - HELP
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Rajesh Punjabi <rajesh@i...>
> Enclosed above is the isc_config file. Actually at first when server
> reboots the mem usage is at just 140 MB. When the first user
connects to
> this db the mem goes up to ~650 MB and remains there till server is
> rebooted. When only FB is restarted the Mem usage comes down to ~650
> again.

Rajesh, what do you mean user connects? Really connects or perform
first statement? If second, what UDFs do you use? Usually source of
memory leaks on server is UDF which don't free used memory or use
malloc not from ib_util and FREE_IT directive. You mentioned thin
client (I'm not familiar with DBExpress), is'nt application server
resident on the same machine and if so can't it buffer large results
or forget to free memory? Are datasets on application server
unidirectional? In general - don't knowing what your program do we
can't help.

> Can people here share the maximum db sizes that they have used with
> Has anyone used FB database of more than 500MB without performance
> problems ?

Personally I - more than 6 Gb with about 30 simultaneosly connected

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