Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance Degrade - HELP
Author Martijn Tonies

> I have a production DB thats about 502 MB (single file) running on FB
> (ver 1.0.3) (SS 32 bit) on Redhat Linux 8.0 & I am using a Athlon 2GHz
> server with 36 GB SCSI disk and 1 GB physical RAM. This is a resume
> database with about 40000 resumes (stored as blobs on the server)
> There is something very peculiar happening as the database is being
> queried, the server free physical memory count keeps going down as users
> keep querying. In fact the database takes up the entire available free
> physical memory and moves on to the swap space and slows down users
> considerably (1200+ % degrade is common). I am aware of the memory usage
> going up coz I am monitoring the same using Linux commands (top d 10)
> and there is no other app apart from FB on the said server.
> This problem did not exist till the database size was less than 350 MB.
> Recently a large addition caused the db size to shoot up past 500 MB and
> this seems to have caused the problem.
> The frontend is a thick client Delphi app using DBXpress drivers.
> What can be the problem ?

Can you run "gstat" on your database and post the transaction counters?

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