Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi's TIBBackupService & FB
Using it without a problem using FB 1.0

If gbak will not back it up then Neither will TIBBackupService.

then whatever you would do with gfix etc. you have to to with TIBValidationService


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From : "Ed Dressel" <Dressel@...>
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Date : 10/10/2003 2:14:41 AM
Subject : [firebird-support] Delphi's TIBBackupService & FB

Anyone using Delphi's TIBBackupService component to do backups with
FB DBs? Works fine? Any comments about compatibility or suggestions
for backing up a FB 1.5 DB (I checked DBak but it seems that scrip
errors are raised with it).

Ed Dressel

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