Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem to create a firebird database in RedHat 9.0
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:46 AM 10/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Recently I've installed Firebird SS RC1.5 on Redhat 9.0. Test
>connection to Firebird server using IBExpert running on Win Xp
>sucessfully done. It seems too easy to get Firebird up and running
>on RedHat 9.0 compare to last experience using Interbase 6.0 on
>RedHat 7.0.
>When I try to create a database using IBExpert I got an error saying
>that the SYSDBA user and password not defined.
>What are the things that I need to do b4 I can create a database and
>get connect to it ?

You're looking at a bug in that distro which has since been fixed. The
workaround for now is to go into firebird.conf and set DatabaseAccess to Full.

Another thing that might be biting you is that the SYSDBA password may
still be the generated one that you will find in the text file
SYSDBA.password. It won't be 'masterkey' . There's a script there which
you can run to change the password. Alternatively, if you have an existing
isc4.gdb or security.fdb, you can replace the security.fdb that was
installed with that one (isc4.gdb renamed to security.fdb, natch..)