Subject Re: Firebird ignores primary Key definition
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Max Wolfring"
<mwolfring@y...> wrote:
> We are using Firebird SS i386 Linux, on RedHat 8.0, and we
hava some
> tables with primary key definition, unfortunately firebird allow two
> with same value on column defined as primary key, same indexes
created as
> UNIQUE" allow duplicate values too, and we really donĀ“t know whats

Max, this can occure as a result of general database corruption
because of power failure etc - broken index on which constraint is
based. I can say too there is at least 2 bugs in all IB versions
including 7 and FB1 which can break integrity using normal SQL
statements - one breaks PK/Unique, another FK. Both are fixed in
FB1.5. Both show themselves in very seldon used constructions. Can't
you trace how this duplicates appeared in your database? Reports on so
critical bugs are highly welcome.

Best regards,