Subject RE: [firebird-support] Windows 2003 Server
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> > Firebird 1.03 has the same problem with Server 2003 as Interbase 6. The
> > problem being that it is very sloooooow. It does however function.
> >
> Out of interest - why is it slow?

Mainly connect/disconnect is extremly slow. The following is a result
of an ongoing discussion in a German newsgroup.

InterBase 6 and Firebird seem to work well on Windows 2003 when you
optimize the processor and memory to *Programs* and when you disable
the new "Shadow Copy Volumes" (it's a new feature in Windows 2003)
feature for the partitions, where the database files are stored.

Again, Firebird 1.5 works well under Windows 2003 without these

Thomas Steinmaurer

The IB LogManager Product Family
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