Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup / Restore
Author Milan Babuskov
Louis wrote:
> Does FireBird have something simular to these commands?

Not really. In MySQL each table has its files, which are then copied to
destination directiory. In Firebird you have a single database file with
all tables.

> I'm trying to backup/restore the database while my application is still
> connected.

If you want, you can backup the database while you're connected. But
only the entire database. If you only want to backup/restore data from
one of the tables, you can try (for example) to do that with fbexport
tool (see my signature at the end of file). If you want to get the same
behavior as MySQL's RESTORE_TABLE, you should issue: DELETE FROM table,
before doing import of data.

It would be good if you would write what exactly are you trying to
accomplish, so we can give you some good advice.

Milan Babuskov