Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with Views since switching from IB
Author Lee Jenkins (DataTrakPOS)
You wrote:
Well....I don't know about your client environment but I've just created
this table and the view here (without table identifiers) and both worked
just fine. Natch, I used the DOW() and SDOW() UDFs from fbudf, as I don't
have FreeIBUDFLib funcs installed in my kick-it-to-death test database.

Here Fb 1.5 RC6 on Win2K SP 2-retreated. Regular fbclient.dll,
firebird.conf set up with OldParameterOrdering true (tho' that shouldn't
touch your issue).

Thanks again, Helen. Is it maybe something with FreeUDFLib I wonder... I
took out the udf calls and kept the plain fields there and it compiled ok.
Let me try it with the fbudf functions instead. If you don't mind me
asking, is there are SQL command to remove UDF declarations in case I can
get rid of the other?

Thanks again,