Subject Re: weird behaviour [typo corrected]
Author Peppe Polpo
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> Actually, SPs are made for applications, not users, and

don't do tricks, you know very well that somebody must write them
(the SPs), hopefully w/o suffering too much :)

> Maybe, but the assumption is wrong. The SELECT works on output,
not input.

sure, but I can write

select ... from foo('a' || 'b')

while I cannot write

execute procedure foo('a' || 'b')

It is silly.

> Exactly. That's why you write applications for users.

I have to satisfy my users and I do that well enough (well, up to a
point) :)

You - FB developers - should satisfy your users, i.e. us programmers.

I - as a user - am complaining that FB does not do what I expect,

Of course - being FB free of charge - I won't complain that loud :)

As somebody is surely working on v. 2, I hope he (she?) will take my
words into account.


Peppe Polpo