Subject Re: [firebird-support] cache
Author Ivan Prenosil
I think 10000 is not any magic/fixed number. I believe there is simple (linear?)
correlation between cache size and CPU required to maintain it,
so just do a practical test to find out which value is best for your configuration.
Also do not forget that Firebird uses lots of other memory (besides cache)
for other purposes, like for compiled triggers/sp, transaction lists,
sparse bitmaps, sort buffers, ...

Ivan Prenosil

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From: "Pavol ST�REK PSZ" <pavol@...>
> some time ago i seen post that when i set FB cache to more then 10000
> pages there will be significant performance hit...
> Is this still true???
> Is this depending on page size or its simple limited do number of pages...
> Whats optimal number of pages for cache???
> Why I'm asking? I have linux box Mandrake 9.1/ Athlon XP 1.8+/ 2Gb of
> ram... I want to use SuperServer becouse single cache for all
> connections. But when i set cache to less then 10000 pages lot of memory
> is not used and i want to utilize server as much as i can...