Subject RE: [firebird-support] Performing LIKE queries on a BLOB
Author Robert DiFalco

After some experimentation it seems like using Stream Blobs makes no
difference. In fact, regardless of segment size, etc. the string
function will only work on ~1100 bytes inclusively. Seems like the only
hope is finding some TEXT BLOB UDF library that I can run (or at least
compile) on both Windows and Solaris. Unfortunately, I don't have time
to write my own in C/C++.



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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Performing LIKE queries on a BLOB

> Hmmmm...maybe one day when the crazy days of my current project have
> ended I can take a look at the FB source. Seems like I should be able
> buffer all the data in segment by segment or use a streaming blob to
> prevent the wild-card matching from failing when crossing segment
> boundaries. For now, there really is no solution.

There are several solutions. E.g.

- Use UDF instead of LIKE operator

- Use streamed blobs instead of segmented ones.


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