Subject Re: [firebird-support] select group by month
Author Luiz
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From: "ales" <ales@...>
> And how Can I assign string name for month? I would like that my squery
> return string name for month and not number like "Januariy, February,..."

Something as:

select (case extract(month from data)
when 1 then 'Janeiro'
when 2 then 'Fevereiro'
when 3 then 'Março'
when 4 then 'Abril'
when 5 then 'Maio'
when 6 then 'Junho'
when 7 then 'Julho'
when 8 then 'Agosto'
when 9 then 'Setembro'
when 10 then 'Outubro'
when 11 then 'Novembro'
when 12 then 'Dezembro'
, count(*) from agenda
group by 1

>BTW: Where Can I found information on firebir "extra
>functionctionalitis" like extract, mont,... Any URL? Book? I derived
>that I know onely basic of firebird SQL. I am in truble every time when
>I want to write some more complicates select sentence.

There is something in WhatsNew file into install directory of FB 1.5.