Subject Re: Using BLOB hurt performance significantly?
Author Michael Fung
Dear Almond,

If what you said is true, I will go for the inline approach.

Points 4 and 5 is the trouble that I really want avoid, because my
users are remote so I need to build a protocol for them to
upload/download blob data within the delphi application.


--- In, Almond <almond@p...> wrote:
> The simple answer is no. I found it have difference on network
> only. I'm using php, I found that using persistent and non-
> connection has great impact on using blob (my bold size is about
20k each).
> The option to save the image path name depends on your application.
I once
> using this method. I encountered the following problem:
> 1. One directory save many files is slow (???,???), you might
> JFS/XFS if you are using linux.
> 2. You might need to give read/write permission to your user on the
> 3. Backup two set of data, 1 for firbird, 1 for image.
> 4. You need to deal with two protocol, one is firebird, one is the
file system.
> 5. Further processing might have difficulties. Say, you save the
path name
> in linux and you want to use Crystal Report. So, you need to have
samba on
> linux and map to the correct drive to made this work.
> 6. You cannot split the application server (e.g. apache with php)
and the
> DB server, or, you need some tricks to allow the application
server upload
> images to the data server.
> Is the above correct or I'm do something wrong ? Anybody please
give comment.
> At 02:51 03/10/03 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear all,
> >
> >I need to attach some tiff images to data records. Each record will
> >have 2 tiff of around 200KB. If I save the tiff data in a blob
> >it will increase the current database size of 200MB to ~6GB. Will
> >hurt database performance significantly? Suppose I am using FB1.5
> >RedHat 9.
> >
> >TIA,
> >Michael
> >
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