Subject Re: Using BLOB hurt performance significantly?
Author Michael Fung
Dear Nigel,

What if backup and restore is not of concern? (I know I can just save
the file path, but it means I have to build a client/server program
to transfer the images to a remote user, who is using a client
written with IBObjects)


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> You can't store a filesystem path instead?
> Just thinking of your backup/restore times...

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> > Dear all,
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> > I need to attach some tiff images to data records. Each record
> > have 2 tiff of around 200KB. If I save the tiff data in a blob
> > it will increase the current database size of 200MB to ~6GB. Will
> > hurt database performance significantly? Suppose I am using
FB1.5 on
> > RedHat 9.
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