Subject Re: Visual tool for Firebird/Interbase
Author Dave Glasser
--- In, "Henrique Lobo Weissmann"
<kicolobo@t...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Wich tool whould you recommend me to edit my database made with
Firebird. Does exists a tool that look and work like MS Access for
Firebird? If exists wich is? Is it open source? If not, where can I
find it?

I have a free, open-source GUI database front-end written in Java.
You can check it out at It's called
QueryForm, and it's designed to work with any database for which ODBC
or JDBC drivers are available.

Depending on what you need to use it for, it may or may not give you
what you're looking for. It doesn't have nearly the functionality of
Access, but it gives you a quick form-based front end for your
tables. It builds forms dynamically on the fly through which you can
query and update individual tables. It's most useful for enterprise-
type developers who have to work with a lot of test data or support a
production system.

It's written in Java, and it helps if you're a Java developer, or at
least familiar with the parameters required to make a JDBC
connection. Two issues I'm aware of with Firebird are, if you use the
JDBC-ODBC bridge through the XTG Systems ODBC driver, an error occurs
inside the native code when you're trying to connect, and it's a
showstopper. Your best bet is the JDBC drivers that you can download
from Firebird's sourceforge download page. The issue with that driver
is that it's not yet included in QueryForm's internal list of drivers
that it checks the classpath for, so you have to type it into the
configuration dialog box instead of select it from the dropdown:


The URL for that driver, BTW, follows the format of this example
(with the appropriate substitutions made):