Subject RE: [firebird-support] XML
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Can firebird manage XML?

XML is simply (semi) structured text, human readable, and
parseable by XML parsers (DOM/SAX). Yes, you can store XML
data in e.g. a BLOB with sub type 1, but you can't query
specific elements/subelements/attributes when the XML
document is stored as a whole in a BLOB, because SQL
doesn't support that, and a XML query language like
XPath or XQuery isn't built in.

You could shredder the XML document into its pieces and
map XML structures to relational structures like tables
and column. In some cases such a mapping is quite hard
to do, because the XML data model is different to the
relational model. Though, by mapping and storing of XML
structures in relational structurs you will be able
to query these data with SQL.

Storing XML documents in a RDBMS efficiently was a hot
research topic 2-3 years ago. Might it is still the
case, I don't know. Many DBMS vendors have integrated
the so called "XML support" to their DBMS, but most
of them are simply proprietary extensions.

> Iam not sure about the question, please correct me or provide my
> some information about how xml and database server relates it each
> other.

Some useful technical/research papers.

Best Regards,
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