Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Workbench, number formats, retrieving data with API
Author Martijn Tonies
H Henrik,

> this is a follow up to my earlier post "API: Retrieve/fetch numerical
> data from database (like an integer/long)".
> I wonder, does Firebird Workbench store numbers in a special format?

Eh, no - it doesn't :)

Firebird Workbench uses plain DDL statements to do it's stuff. And
everything it shows to you afterwards comes from the system tables.

> When using the Firebird API to retrieve data from tables, I get only BS
> back in columns with numerical data, but it works perfectly well with
> columns that store char or varchar.

I don't know the API - so I cannot help you with that. But it must be
a mistake ... somewhere?

With regards,

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