Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird in Windows XP
Author Daniel Rail

> Hi folks,

> I installed windows XP and create a problem to me. My firebird not response my connections quickly as before. It's to delay some seconds to response my "getConnection" this with IBConsole or with
> JayBird. Somebody can help me? This occurs only with XP w
> ith Win 98 all run normally.

What is the extension of your Firebird database? If it is .GDB, then
try turning off the system restore feature of WinXP, then restart the
system and see if it makes a difference. Or change the extension to
something else (i.e .FDB).

If you happen to have installed a new
version of an anti-virus software, just make sure that it's not
checking all files and that the file extension that you are using is
in the exclusion list. I know that you probably already thought of
that already, I know that I sometimes forget.

Have a nice day.

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