Subject RE: [ib-support] Help with query
Author Dan Cumpian

No, I am not using the BDE. I am using ZEOS database objects. I am using
these components because this application also supports connection to
MySQL (which, BTW, accepts this data as a blob without any problems).

Also, if it makes a difference, I am using Firebase, not Interbase.

Thank you,

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Subject: RE: [ib-support] Help with query

At 10:17 PM 15/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I changed the TMemeoryStream to a TBlobStream, created a persistent
>field that referenced the blob field and still received the exact same
>error. The data I am trying to insert contains a UUencoded binary file.
>It is all text (ASCII), but Interbase is choking on one or more
>characters in the body of the text.
>Here is a sample (in case you've never worked with UUE data):
>M=!KL1_0R_G+GB!!F1IYX+2=1\@P>H'PH0 @=!=YC0"AQ2]N56 ?,DNF?1-(?
>MY]!1:2Z753*W&5<VN2Q6\PQR_,1%4PN-F-%B**S >F)V!)-A?'S ZZ=L/^AX
>M@ @8H#<\;?2+TQJB++#J7#:IZ+!DTQ\Z$7OR+K\G]$L924L$Q:>(R^$&+5Z%
>As you can see, there are all kinds of characters in there...
>Any ideas?

Whatever it's passing can't be a blob, can it?

Look at CreateBlobStream...AFAIK, you can't create a TBlobField in
isolation from a database column. Furthermore, I doubt that TBlobField
valid unless you are using a BDE driver (are you?).

Once your client makes that connection then, if, as you said, your blob
sub_type 0, InterBase won't care what it gets in there, as long as it's
blob. At the moment, something is passing your alphabetti input to the
DSQL parser, which is seeing the resulting statement as invalid SQL.
DSQL parser shouldn't be reading what's inside the blob ("black box") at


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