Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Can't connect to server
Author Wayne Elmore
Dan, the question of whether the two domains are trusted is new to me so I
don't know. How can I tell? And, yes I can ping the Roanoke_Server using
either the name or the IP address.

As for running nslookup, I tried and but apperently its not part of win95.

Any other ustility to give me the info you're looking for?

Thanks again for all your time.

> From: nitaligavino <Dan.Crea@...>
> To:
> Subject: [ib-support] Re: Can't connect to server
> Date: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 01:24 PM
Hi Wayne:

Nothing is jumping out concerning the settings. I did notice that
the client and server appear to be on separate domains. LECO_Roanoke
and LECO. Are these domains trusted? Also, were you able to
successfully ping Roanoke_Server from the client?

You can also try doing a lookup using nslookup. I think Win95 has
this utility. If so from the command line you can try:

Default Server: sundev1.eng

> set type=a
Server: sundev1.eng

Name: dcrea.eng

> exit


Here I started nslookup, which is our DNS / WINS server at IP I then asked for resolution on the IP address which is my localhost. It resolved the lookup and gave
me the localhost name of dcrea.eng and my localhost IP. You can use
this to see if the DNS / WINS can perform the gethostbyname lookup.
If it fails then you need to have your DNS / WINS configurtion


--- In, "Wayne Elmore" <hwelmore@k...>
> Dan, the following are my settings on the server and the client. I
> certainly do appreciate your help in trying to resolve this issue.
> The server is running NT 4.0 and the client is running Win95. I've
> upgraded to Winsock 2.0
> Server:
> Network:
> Computer Name: Roanoke_Server
> Domain: LECO_Roanoke
> Services:
> WINS service is loaded
> TCP/IP Properties
> IP Address:
> Host Name: Roanoke_Server
> Domain: Box is blank
> DNS svc search order: Box is blank
> WINS Address
> Primary WINS Server:
> Secondary Address: Box is blank
> DHCP Relay
> DHCP server: Box is blank
> Routing
> Enable IP Forwarding is checked
> Client Machine
> TCP/IP Properties
> IP Address:
> WINS Configuration
> WINS server order:
> DNS configuration
> Host: 1
> Domain: LECI
> DNS Search Order:
> Gateway:
> Note: the DNS config and Gateway was setup by our wireless ISP guy!
> Advanced
> Property: none
> Bindings
> Client for Microsoft Networks is checked.
> Our Hosts file on the client machine contains the following entries:
> Roanoke_Server
> Localhost
> Could the Host and Domain setup by the ISP guy be preventing me from
> connecting? If so, how can I add a Domain name to the client
machine of
> LECO_Roanoke if that is what I need to do? If further information is
> needed, please advise.
> Thanks
> Wayne
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> > From: nitaligavino <Dan.Crea@a...>
> > To:
> > Subject: [ib-support] Re: Can't connect to server
> > Date: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 10:33 AM
> >
> Wayne:
> Not sure what happened to the posting? Anyway, if you look for
> message 20161 my response is there. Based on the interbase.log
> it appears that the connection issue is network related. From the
> info that was in your log file, "gethostbyname" error 11001 there
> a failure resolving your host name to IP. Error 11001 is "Host not
> found." I am guessing that the problem is with your DNS or WINS
> configuration.
> Dan

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