Subject Can't connect to server
Author Wayne Elmore
I'm in the process of converting desktop applications to Firebird SQL.

I cannot connect to the Firebird SQL database on the server.
Firebird version: WI-V6.2.794 using IB_SQL to try and access the
databases on the server. When I try to connect to the Roanoke_Server I get
the message 'unable to make connection to Roanoke_Server'. The string I'm
using is Roanoke_Server:C:\Firebird\Examples\Employee.gdb 'C:' being the
drive on the server. I've used garbage in place of Roanoke_Server and get
the error message 'Failed to locate the host machine'. Therefore, I'm
assuming that the Roanoke_Server is being found but something is preventing
the completion of the connection.

Someone stated that Firebird listens via TCP on port 3050. After loading
Firebird, I've run netstart on both the server and my workstation with the
following results:

Proto Local Address Foreign Address
TCP roanoke_server:1046 ROANOKE_SERVER:nbsession Established
TCP roanoke_server:2673 ROANOKE_SERVER:135
TCP roanoke_server:2674 ROANOKE_SERVER:1037
TCP roanoke_server:nbsession ROANOKE_SERVER:1046
TCP roanoke_server:nbsession WAYNE:1077 Established
TCP roanoke_server:1026 LOCAL_HOST:1027
TCP roanoke_server:1027 LOCAL_HOST:1026

My Workstation
TCP 1:1077 ROANOKE_SERVER:nbsession

How do I access port 3050?

>From my workstation I can ping the server using either the name
Roanoke_Server or it's IP address of

Someone also said that address will not route. If not then
does this mean that I'm going to have to get a registered IP address for
the server?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.