Subject Re: [ib-support] mysterious error 335544347
Author Uwe Sander

On Monday 30 September 2002 19:20, Alan McDonald wrote:
> you say the message referes to obj_id but you are changing the field
> cls_id - is this a typo?

No, I did change cls_id because it was the only source of a possible error I
could think of ... and it worked. But still I am not sure why.

> also does your sp in
> SELECT * FROM search_or_insert_rsp (:param_id, :user_count) INTO :new_uhi;
> return a singleton select?

Yes, it is sure the this function never returns a NULL value, sorry, forget to
mention this.

> why aren't you using the field name instead of *
> it sounds like :new_uhi is the suspect null value
> why don't you assign a default for it?

:new_uhi is never NULL, we checked this.