Subject Re: [ib-support] Indexs!
Author Claus Heeg
indexes of multiple columns run since 10 year at us this is bu%%-sh%%
what you have been told.
the other thing never seen either. We use unique keys (we keep ignoring
... but use programming tools and "data dictionary" for such
constraints a.other plausi-features.


Thomas Miller wrote:

>We currently write our software for Oracle and I am very familiar with
>how Oracle
>uses indecies for speed. We are currently converting our software to
>also run on
>Back in the 5.x days of IB, I was told never to create indecies made up
>of multiple
>columns. Is that still true? Any other insights would also be welcome.
>When I create a primary key, the engine makes two indexes. One as a primary
>key and one that it not. They both are indecies of the primary key. Is
>this a bug?