Subject RE: [ib-support] Is the cache guaranteeed to reside in physical memory?
Author Alan McDonald
I don't know the theoretical answer, only my empirical one. I started
fiddling with that setting with version 4.2 - I didn't see then nor any
later version to 5.6 see any difference in performance., not like I did by
changing the page size.
Since version 6.01 I don't touch it anyway nor do I know how to anymore
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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Is the cache guaranteeed to reside in physical

I wrote:

> I have to work out a -buffers setting that could be a reasonable default
> for both stand-alone installations and multiuser with a server
> (presumably more RAM that the stand-alone thing).
> Given that I have 4KB pages, I think 5000 pages is a suitable value for
> our database, but was wondering: will IB try to allocate upto 20MB (4 x
> 5000) even if they're gonna come from the pagefile, or will it stop when
> there's not enough physical memory available?
> I don't want to keep the 75 page server default, but I obviously don't
> want to defeat the cache.
> Does aanyone know for sure? I'm using IB5.6.

hasn't anyone got a clue?
Or is it a false problem?

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