Subject RE: [ib-support] Wait lock mode
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:03 AM 28-09-02 +1000, Alan McDonald wrote:
>that's a client setting - not a server setting, it's made each time you make
>a connection.

In fact it is a transaction setting; and how you achieve it depends
entirely on your client development environment. For example, in ESQL it
is a parameter of your SET TRANSACTION statement; with Delphi it is a
property of your Transaction component. In the VCL "TDatabase model",
where transaction support is stripped down to a single transaction per
connection, the property is on the TDatabase component. With components
that support a discrete transaction object (IBO, FIBPlus, IBX) the property
belongs to the transaction class. For example, in IBO, the property is a
Boolean named LockWait. It defaults to False (LOCK NOWAIT) and can be set
true for a transaction for which you require LOCK WAIT.

I wouldn't recommend making LOCK WAIT the default for all of your
transactions. That is a recipe for a complete log-jam. For mobility of a
multi-user application it is usually far better to use LOCK NO WAIT and
resolve contention with a retry routine.


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> Hello Friends
> How to setup Interbase for wait lock mode for all connected users ?
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