Subject Re: [ib-support] database backup
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:58 AM 26-09-02 +0800, you wrote:

> >Dear Sir/Mam,
> >
> >Just like to asked, how do I commit & backup the data using
> >gbak? ...
> >
> >what ive been doing is:
> >
> >/opt/interbase/bin/gbak file.gdb backup.bak
> >
> >* file.gdb = database to be backup
> >* backup.bak = database backup
> >
> >Is any other command that i should do for data backup?
> >


I hope that, by now, you have the IB 6 beta docs and have the instructions
for gbak in your hand.

gbak is not a file-copy program, it is a database utility. During the
course of running a backup, it performs some important housekeeping tasks
on the database (which can be running).

The same program (with different switches) is used to restore from a gbak file.

gbak -b(ackup) literally disassembles a database, storing the metadata and
data separately, in a proper order for recreation. In the process, indexes
are not backed up; and all obsolete back-versions of records are removed.

Restoring from a gbak file (gbak -c(reate) or gbak -r(estore and overwrite)
involves a complete reconstruction of the database.