Subject RE: [ib-support] Exists a FB Logo to place on main screen?
Author Alan McDonald
umm, I think Firebird already has an official logo
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Subject: [ib-support] Exists a FB Logo to place on main screen?

I'd like to place a Firebird logo on the opening screen of my app as well
as a blurb about

This app will appear on hundreds of machines in many countries.

The logo should be about 4cm by 6 cm and have 'Firebird' on it or 'Served
by Firebird' and
have as part of the graphic a strong indication that FB is a database
server and it should
indicate its power.

I want people to know what engine is behind my app.

Any takers?

Maybe there could be competition to produce the best Logo.

There should be a logo for Pre-XP and a different one for XP.

Raymond Kennington

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