Subject Re: 'Time manipulation' or 'The Vulcan Science Directorate says it impossible'
Author Derek Basch
Thanks Everyone,
I had visualized something similar to that solution already but I
wanted to make sure there wasn't something similar already built
into the API that I could use instead. I am accessing Firebird via a
Zope/Interbase DB Adapter so I think I will place the 'smallest unit
of interest' logic on the DB layer to shield the TTW (through the
web) interface from the necessary time/unit conversion. I probably
would have already known how to do this if I had a format
programming education :)

--- In ib-support@y..., Derek Basch <dbasch@y...> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I need to store time durations in Firebird. For
> example, the length of a production cycle. lets say,
> (2 minutes, 32 seconds). If I use the Time data type
> and input '0:02:32' it interprets it as a time value
> of '12:02:32 AM'. What is the best method for storing
> time durations. All help is greatly appreciated.
> The Ever Needy,
> Derek Basch
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