Subject Re: BDE and dialect 3
Author reslersomacz
--- In ib-support@y..., "Arno Brinkman" <firebird@a...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Do anyone knows how to make the BDE (5.2) work with a dialect 3
> database (64-bit large numbers)? Is there any magic registry
> setting aside the TBCDField ? it could be done because I knew how to
> do it once, but I lost the recipe from my vault.
> To use the new InterBase 6 Dialect 3 features, add an entry
> to your Windows registry under
> Borland\Database Engine\Settings
> \Drivers\Intrbase\Db Open\SQLDIALECT
> and set the value to "3".
I have the same problem: Delphi6, BDE5.2, Firebird, DB Dialect 3.
I can't work with numeric(15,2) fields - Delphi recognize it as
TBytesField instead of TBCDField or TFloatField.What more I have
to do to get numeric(15,2) field available in D6/BDE?